Boosting the change

Ministry of Transport and Communications (LVM) work to increase the national competitiveness. They support the development of infrastructure in multiple ways. LVM cuts down restrictive norms, improves legislation to support renewal as well as releases state operations for open competition. LVM upholds the interests of all service providers and citizens.

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Enabling renewal

LVM encourages all businesses to innovate and create new competitiveness. Continuous innovation accelerates the change of transport and communications infrastructure. Consumers, companies and the society see this as efficient and high standard services. In its work, LVM is unbiased, brave and reliable – enabler of renewal and accelerator of progress in the Finnish transport and communications politics.

Design signals growing speed

The Ministry’s visual design characterises the mission of accelerating the change. The strong graphics speak for an organisation that both enables renewal and holds a position of high trust. The design builds on arrow symbols. Arrow is a timeless signal of physical movement and its direction. Now, as digitalisation affects everything around us, the arrow in LVM’s design also communicates the growing speed of your communication and transfer of your data.

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Naturally tasty

Naturally tasty is the promise at the core of the Huhtahyvät brand. It is a sincere and genuine way of thinking and manufacturing good, natural products made from pure ingredients. Delicious recipes and modern production methods perfect the quality and authenticity of the Huhtahyvät products. They stand out with a taste that cannot be replicated artificially.

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Meeting the most demanding
quality requirements

Huhtahyvät has been awarded the international ISO FSSC22000 standard. Subcontractors, production methods, packaging and logistics – the whole production chain from farm to factory and store meets the world’s strictest cleanliness and hygiene requirements. Huhtahyvät can proudly state: Quality above everything.

Visual Identity

We wanted to convey the many positive aspects the Naturally tasty brand promise entails. We created a visual identity that supports this promise and applied it to packaging solutions, marketing material and the company’s web site. Now Huhtahyvät appeals to consumers, retailers and business partners through all mediums and channels with its consistent and unique message.

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A new direction

Efora is Finland’s largest enterprise focusing on industrial maintenance solutions. Its name is not widely known despite the fact that the people behind it enable world-class pulp, paper and board production at six Stora Enso mills. Efora renewed its strategy in 2014 and proved that traditional industry has a future. It just needs a new direction.

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Creating competitiveness

From a maintenance company to a developer of strategic competitiveness. A big but justifiable step. Efora took industrial internet solutions as the core message and introduced them to the personnel with the theme “Smarter maintenance solutions.” 

Where are we now?

Efora’s new indentity was launched at the end of 2014. Staff, clients and stakeholders became familiar with it. The new web design as well as new work outfits, vehicles and marketing will present the new Efora. A company rightly proud of its know-how.

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Warm and green

Ekovilla is the Finnish market leader in environmentally friendly insulation for private homes. Business was good, but something was not right. Together with the customer we revolutionized the entire sector. How? By deliberately overlooking what had been done in the past. Ekovilla is the story of how a low-profile product becomes fashionable and the beginnings of eco-miracle.

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More is good 

Ekovilla is the undisputed leader in wood-based insulation materials in Finland. Ekovilla products are not only environmentally friendly, but also keep homes warm during the cold Finnish winter. When you insulate your house with Ekovilla, you change your home into an eco-bank. 

Home warm home

Ekovilla is all about warmth and comfortable living. We wanted to share this insight with everyone. Ekovilla-insulated homes became the best place to live in. The simplest message was the most effective.

Where we are now

Ekovilla has strengthened its market position, with a huge increase in sales. The company’s brand image and products are now associated with wellness, and Ekovilla customers believe that they can change the world for the better. And they are right.

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All alike

When no one stands out in a particular business, it makes sense to be the first one. When you’re first, it’s easier – you get more out of your marketing investment and get to choose your place in the market. When Finland’s leading building services consulting firm wanted to communicate their story, one message rose above the rest: Less energy gives more.

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Granlund does it differently

When five hundred engineers get together, you need to find a common denominator. The new tagline brings together Granlund’s different businesses under a simple yet effective message: we are a forerunner company that believes in energy efficiency. Work with Granlund, and your buildings will even more ecological, practical and efficient than before.

Working towards the future

Granlund is working towards the future. Each of their buildings will continue to serve residents for decades to come. And so will Granlund’s new tagline and logo – communicating a unique story for years to come.

What’s the benefit of a shared identity?

A lot. For example, it unites different operations and activities. Just imagine how much a capable engineer can do for the cause of energy efficiency. No surprise, then, that Granlund is continuing to grow. Less energy gives more.

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The story of three C’s

Finland is full of remarkable yet relatively unknown companies. Premix is one of them. It’s a company whose expertise and ambition deserve to be recognized. And because Premix competes with the best globally, their story has to be as special as the company. 

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Tell it like it is

Caring, Creating, Committed. We wanted to tell about a company that no longer sold bulk, but instead solutions. Premix’s name is our latest story. When you open it up, you discover three C’s. You understand who they are immediately.

Glocal market

When your marketplace is the world, you want to make the biggest impact. For Premix, going online was the natural solution. It was the  easiest and most cost-effective way to do business globally. At the same time Premix had to stand out at top industry trade fairs and events. Bottom line: Every small company deserves an identity that generates business.

Winning results

Premix’s brand renewal was a success. Premix is no longer one company among many, but rather an industry forerunner. It delivers solutions, not bulk. That’s why Premix is a success story worth telling.

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A home for you

Sato is one of Finland’s leading corporate investors in housing. The company offers housing for every moment in life. And because every life is special, every home should be special too. What makes Sato unique is that they are always there to help you. Providing homes is their passion.

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A window to real living

Sato offers rental apartments, private housing, senior homes and hotel homes. Together they are windows to unique lifestyles and needs. This insight is visible in Sato’s logo, in which each of the four letters is a window – warm and different in its own right.

Homespun stories

Everyday living is full of small stories – moments we can all relate to. That’s why Sato opens windows to real homes – to places where you can live. Young or old, single or married – everyone has a home with Sato.

Together is better

Sato’s housing business has a great target. By 2020, the company wants 50,000 satisfied customers. The best way to get there is to work together with customers and partners. Our input is a part of this work. We’re building the stories behind the windows.

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On the rooftop
of the world

Indufor knows everything there is to know about forests. It advises governments on how to develop commercial forest holdings and helps companies use natural resources sustainably. Indufor believes that healthy forests make for a healthy world. They are right.

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More than one perspective

Indufor understands the challenges facing governments and forest-owners around the world. That's why their forestry experts work daily in the forest – sharing their insights and recommendations with customers who want the smartest point of view.

Distance matters

Indufor takes a satellite’s view of forest growth and management. Why? You get a better understanding of forests from orbit. They also tailor their expertise to match the unique requirements of each forest land. For Indufor, that means Forest Intelligence.

Diversity in message

Forest resources can be managed in countless ways. Some of Indufor’s customers want to conserve old-growth forests, while others want to profit from forests sustainably. We helped Indufor tell their story with intelligence and diversity. The results – we like to think – are solid like mahogany.

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Three letters famous in Finland

Or almost. You can see it in the news and on posters. Three letters that communicate history and tradition – the story of an organization that has always looked after the interests of Finnish farmers. Getting there, however, was not easy. It demanded a lot from us and the customer. But we are both satisfied with the result.

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Strong roots

MTK is Finland’s leading trade organization and interest group for farmers, forest owners and rural entrepreneurs. The roots of the organization go deep into the Finnish countryside.
The organization needed a new identity that communicated its dual role as a European lobbying organization and a Finnish interest group.

Back to basics

MTK’s new strategy rests on three pillars: agriculture, forest, and rural entrepreneurship. We built on these elements – seamlessly combining yellow, green and blue arcs to form a new logo. Finland’s most famous letters became a story.

A powerful logo

The new logo helps strengthen MTK’s reputation as one of Finland’s most powerful interest. When you see the logo for the first time, it leaves a lasting impression in your sub consciousness. It communicates a positive and modern image of rural entrepreneurship.

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