we crystallize your brand identity, so you can shine brighter

Our identity process focuses on finding “the big idea” behind your business. It’s a story that drives your business and distinguishes you from the competition. It’s a story that makes your company attractive in the eyes of your customers and helps them appreciate your business – its past, present and future – in a personal way.


Every company is unique in some way. Together we identify the strengths that make your business special. Your company’s top management provides frank and incisive answers to the questions presented in the branding workshop. We focus on position, targets, tasks, organizational challenges and corporate culture. We define and determine. We crystallize the big idea behind your business and create the core of your brand identity.


We design a visual identity for your company. We make sure our design work presents your company’s big idea in the best possible light. We also create an inspirational story that’s easy to understand and appeals to your target audiences. It’s an effective way to lend personality to your business and communicate your message with imagination and flair. We cap off the process by presenting our work to your company’s management. We show how your story will come across in different contexts and media.


We live and work in a global marketplace, where a new brand is born every second. No wonder, companies and products are finding it harder and harder to stand out. Together we have crystallized your big idea – the core of your brand identity. It is your story – a source of pride and inspiration. It is something that will help you shine brighter than anyone. It is the cornerstone of your brand.