Boosting the change

  • client: Ministry of Transport and Communication, Finland
  • industry: government
  • performance: identity design, brand strategy, webdesign
  • year: 2016

Ministry of Transport and Communications (LVM) work to increase the national competitiveness. They support the development of infrastructure in multiple ways. LVM cuts down restrictive norms, improves legislation to support renewal as well as releases state operations for open competition. LVM upholds the interests of all service providers and citizens.

Enabling renewal

LVM encourages all businesses to innovate and create new competitiveness. Continuous innovation accelerates the change of transport and communications infrastructure. Consumers, companies and the society see this as efficient and high standard services. In its work, LVM is unbiased, brave and reliable – enabler of renewal and accelerator of progress in the Finnish transport and communications politics.

Design signals growing speed

The Ministry’s visual design characterises the mission of accelerating the change. The strong graphics speak for an organisation that both enables renewal and holds a position of high trust. The design builds on arrow symbols. Arrow is a timeless signal of physical movement and its direction. Now, as digitalisation affects everything around us, the arrow in LVM’s design also communicates the growing speed of your communication and transfer of your data.