A home for you by Sato

  • client: Sato Oyj
  • industry: real estate
  • performance: identity design, brand strategy, brand story
  • year: 2012

Sato is one of Finland’s leading corporate investors in housing. The company offers housing for every moment in life. And because every life is special, every home should be special too. What makes Sato unique is that they are always there to help you. Providing homes is their passion.

A window to real living

Sato offers rental apartments, private housing, senior homes and hotel homes. Together they are windows to unique lifestyles and needs. This insight is visible in Sato’s logo, in which each of the four letters is a window – warm and different in its own right.

Homespun stories

Everyday living is full of small stories – moments we can all relate to. That’s why Sato opens windows to real homes – to places where you can live. Young or old, single or married – everyone has a home with Sato.

Together is better

Sato’s housing business has a great target. By 2020, the company wants 50,000 satisfied customers. The best way to get there is to work together with customers and partners. Our input is a part of this work. We’re building the stories behind the windows.