A new direction for Efora

  • client: Efora Oy (subsidiary of Stora Enso)
  • industry: industrial maintenance
  • performance: identity design, brand strategy, brand story, communication strategy, motivational events for personnel
  • year: 2015–2016

Efora is Finland’s largest enterprise focusing on industrial maintenance solutions. Its name is not widely known despite the fact that the people behind it enable world-class pulp, paper and board production at six Stora Enso mills. Efora renewed its strategy in 2014 and proved that traditional industry has a future. It just needs a new direction.

Creating competitiveness

From a maintenance company to a developer of strategic competitiveness. A big but justifiable step. Efora took industrial internet solutions as the core message and introduced them to the personnel with the theme “Smarter maintenance solutions.”

Where are we now?

Efora’s new indentity was launched at the end of 2014. Staff, clients and stakeholders became familiar with it. The new web design as well as new work outfits, vehicles and marketing will present the new Efora. A company rightly proud of its know-how.